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2018 Vol. 43, No. 10

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A Pseudolite Positioning Approach Utilizing Carrier Phase Difference
Estimation Method and Correlation Analysis for Noise in GPS Coordinate Time Series
Detection of Antarctic Subglacial Lakes Activities Using ICESat Altimetry Data
A New Navigation Data Fusion Method Based on Entropy Coefficient Algorithm for Underwater Vehicles
A New Sea Ice Distribution Detection Method Using GNSS Reflected Signals
Regional and Residual Anomaly Separation Based on Robust 2D Polynomial Fitting with Moving Window
High Precision Computational Method of Two-Way Range-Rate in Long-Distance Deep Space Exploration
Comparison of GNSS Satellite Clock Stability Based on High Frequency Observations
Sidereal Filtering Based on Sphere Multipath Stacking and Its Application in PPP
Automatic Detection and Estimation of Coseismic and Postseismic Deformation in GPS Time Series
A Method for Automatic Water High Light Detection and Removal in Single UAV Image
An Algorithm for Calculating Shape Correspondences Using Functional Maps by Calibrating Base Matrix of 3D Shapes
An Aggregate Function Method for Weighted Total Least Squares with Inequality Constraints
Monitoring and Analysis of Surface Subsidence in Mining Area Based on SBAS-InSAR
An Automatic Method for Discovering Significant Regional Spatial Colocation Patterns
Simulation of Soil Roughness Impact in GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrieval
Interpolation of Monthly Average Temperature by Using (Mixed) Geographically Weighted Regression Kriging in the Complex Terrain Region
Scale Conversion from Canopy Spectra to Leaf Spectra
Wheat Yield Forecasting at County Scale Based on Time Series Vegetation Temperature Condition Index
An Improved LUR-based Spatial Distribution Simulation for the Large Area PM2.5 Concentration
Role Model-based Geo-Collaboration of Virtual Geographic Environments
Network-Scape Metric Analysis for Celluar Pattern Analysis in Urban Street Networks
Analysis on Zone-based Movement Pattern Using Taxi Trajectory Data