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2019 Vol. 44, No. 2

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Analysis of PPP Performance Based on BDS Comprehensive Zone Corrections
Recognition and Feature Analysis of Anchoring Status from Icebreaker Based on GPS Data
GPS Multi-stations Networking for Real-Time Subnanosecond Level Time Comparison
Traversable Region Model and Its Automatic Extraction Algorithm for Indoor Navigation
Comparative Analysis of MDB for Different Outliers Detection Methods
A Two-step Method for Precise Detection of Satellite Clock's Abnormal Data
Precise Calculation of Innermost Area Effects in Altimetry Gravity Based on the Inverse Vening-Meinesz Formula
Adaptive Monte Carlo Method for Precision Estimation of Nonlinear Adjustment
Fisher-Score Algorithm of WTLS Estimation for PEIV Model
Equivalence Transformation Theory from Zero-Difference PPP Augmentation Information to Virtual Observation Data for Differential Positioning
Double Truncated Singular Value Estimation Based on Signal-to-Noise Ratio Test
An Improved Robust Kalman Filtering Method Based on Innovation and Its Application in UWB Indoor Navigation
Present-day Crustal Deformation in Arc-Continent Collision Zone of the Southeastern Eurasia Plate
High Precision Positioning of Unmanned Helicopter with Area Array Images
Automatic Textures Updating Method for 3D Indoor Scenes Based on Mobile Phone Images
Key Frame Extraction Algorithm for Video Images Based on Correlation Coefficient of Overlap Regions
A Smartphone Self-Calibration Method Without Control Information
A Moving Object Detection Method Combining Color and Depth data
Quasi-Accurate Detection of Image Coordinate Gross Error for Airborne SAR Images Orientation
Accuracy Verification and Analysis of Ground-based Synthetic Aperture Radar Based on Two-dimensional Deformation Field
User-driving Based Storage and Organization Strategy for Spatial Data
Chinese Segmentation of City Address Set Based on the Statistical Decision Tree
A Comparative Study of Two Strategies of Road Network Selection