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        A Point-Feature Labeling Algorithm Based on Movable Regions
        Morphing Polylines by Preserving Local Neighborhood Structures
        A Multilevel Identification Approach to Structured Building Clusters
        Impacts of Temporal Sampling Intervals on Stay Detection and Movement Network Construction in Trajectory Data
        Application of Weighted PageRank Algorithm in Road Network Auto-selection
        Matching Road Networks Based on Combination of Global and Local Optimization
        An Algorithm to Identify Passengers' Alighting Stations and the Effectiveness Evaluation
        Registration Strategy for Mobile Augmented Reality Based on Cone-View Partition Under the Restricted Visibility Environment
        Neighborhood Reasoning of Rectangular Direction Constraints
        Spatial Point Clustering Analysis Based on the Rolling Circle
        Influence of BDS Pseudorange Code Biases on Baseline Resolution
        Distributed Parallel Estimation for Global Ionospheric Modeling
        Quality Analysis of the Range Measurement Signals of Test Satellites in BeiDou Global System
        Impact of Pseudo-Stochastic Pulse Priors on LEO Reduced-Dynamic Orbit Accuracy
        Using Backscatter Characteristic of Seabed Sediment to Remove Angular Response Effect in Multibeam Images
        Inversion of Sound Velocity Profile in Multibeam Survey Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
        A Method for Selecting the Quasi-Accurate Observations Based on L1 Norm and Median
        Road Recognition and Calculation of Relevant Parameters with POS
        Optimizing Radiosity Based on Three-Dimensional Voxel Traversal and GPU for Radiation Simulation Within Virtual Canopy
        Regularization-Based Retrieval Method for Surface Reflective Property Parameters
        Hyperspectral Target Detection Based on Locally Adaptive Information-Theoretic Metric Learning Method
        Image Motion Velocity Model and Compensation Strategy of Wide-Field Remote Sensing Camera
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