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2020 Vol. 45, No. 2

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Analysis of Pointing Scan Data of the Sheshan 13 m Radio Telescope
Model Selection Method Based on ARIMA Model in Outliers Detection of Satellite Clock Offset
Evaluation of the Evapotranspiration in the West Liaohe River Basin Based on GRACE Satellite and in Situ Measurements
RAE-PEKF Matching Algorithm Based on Measurement Residuals to Estimate Residuals Covariance
Application of Positioning Reduction in the Orbital Transfer Stage of the Chang'E-4 Relay Satellite
Focal Mechanism Inversion and 3D Deformation Field Acquisition of Iran Mw7.3 Earthquake in 2017
Variance Component Estimation of Autoregressive Model Based on Variable Projection Method
Recursive Calculation Method for the Second Kind of Associated Legendre Functions and Its First and Second Derivatives
Application of Large Ellipsoid Parameter Model in Long Linear Engineering
GHop: A New Regional Tropospheric Zenith Delay Model
Urban Land Cover Classification and Change Detection Using Fully Atrous Convolutional Neural Network
Feasibility Analysis of Stokes Related Parameters for Oilseed Rape Growth Monitoring
Scattered Point Cloud Simplification Algorithm Integrating k-means Clustering and Hausdorff Distance
Fast Visibility Analysis and Application in Road Environment with Mobile Laser Scanning Data
Combining Multi-temporal NDVI and Abundance from UAV Remote Sensing Data for Oilseed Rape Growth Monitoring
Identification Method of Map Name Annotation Category for Machine Reading
China's Urban Network from the Perspective of Toponym Co-occurrences in the News
Parallel Algorithm for Road Network Kernel Density Estimation Based on Spark Computing Framework
Optimal Selection Algorithm of Beacon Nodes in Trilateration Positioning
An Improved Transformation Algorithm Between QTM Code and Longitude/Latitude Coordinate
Fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Locating Tampered Entity Groups in Vector Map Data