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2018 Vol. 43, No. 6

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Multithreaded Parallel Estimation for Global Ionospheric Model by Using OpenMP
Direct Attitude Determination Method Based on Vehicle-mounted Three-antenna GNSS and the Accuracy Evaluation
Simulation Study of Spaceborne GNSS-R Events
To Evaluate Earth Gravitational Model Using Equigeopotential Character
Multiresolution Recognition Algorithm for Abnormal Patterns of Continuous Gravity Observation
Nepal Earthquake Triggered Landslides Recognition and Deformation Analysis of Avalanches' Region
Predicting Satellite Clock Errors Using Grey Model Optimized by Adaptive TS-IPSO
Antenna Phase Center Correction for BeiDou Navigation Satellite
Real-time Prediction of GPS Satellite Clock Bias Correction
Establishment and Accuracy Analysis for Guangdong Coordinate Frame Based on BDS
A TECR Cycle-slip Processing Algorithm Based on Data Quality Analysis
Retrieval Model for Soil Moisture Content Using GPS-Interferometric Reflectometry
A Novel Optimization Algorithm of Track Fine Adjustment for High-speed Railways
Extraction of Tidal Information in the South China Sea Based on TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Altimeter Data
Detecting Method of Uncertainty in Multi-beam Echosounding Based on the Anechoic Tank
Analysis and Application of the Multi-scale Characteristics of Vegetation Temperature Condition Index
A New Method of Fuzzy Supervised Classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
An Affine Invariant-based Match Propagation Method for Quasi-dense Image Registration
Spatial Scale Study on Quantitative Remote Sensing of Highly Dynamic Coastal/Inland Waters
A Mosaic Method for UAV Images Based on Filtering
Spatiotemporal-Aware Hybrid Prediction Model for Response Time of Web Map Services by Integrating GWR and STARMA
Application of the Rotation Forest Model in Landslide Susceptibility Assessment
A Method for Automatic Generalization of Urban Settlements Considering Road Network