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2016 Vol. 41, No. 9

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Special Textural Aerial Image Matching Based on PCA-SIFT Feature Matching
Integrated Segmentation, Registration and Extraction Method for Water-Body Using Optical Remote Sensing Images and GIS Data
A Robust and Rapid Viewpoint-Invariant Matching Method for Oblique Images
Fusion of Cloudy Opical Satellite Imagery by Cloud Detection and HPF Pass Filtering
Red Edge Characteristics and SPAD Estimation Model Using Hyperspectral Data for Rice in Ningxia Irrigation Zone
A Study of Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard Heights from ICESat/GLAS
Selectivity Estimation Based on Cumulative Annular Bucket Histogram in Spatial Database
Taxis' Short-Term Out-of-Service Behaviors Detection Using Big Trace Data
Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Spatial Scales on Intra-urban Human Mobility
Control Strategy for the Number of Replica in Smart City Cloud Stroage System
Object Selection Algorithm for Magnifier Glass Map Considering Balance and Readability
The Method for Displacement of Buildings Along the Road
Road Density Partition and Its Application in Evaluation of Road Selection
Recognition of Road Junctions Based on Road Classification Method
GLONASS Aided Ambiguity Fixing for Kinematic GPS PPP
Calibration and Compensation Study on Positioning & Orientation System in Mobile Mapping Application
A Time Scale Algorithm Based on Adjusting Predictions Using Kalman Filters
Total Least Squares Fitting Estimation Model for GPS Height Transformation
Application of Zero Drift Correct and Detection of Scale Parameters of CG-5 Gravimeter
Dam Deformation Forecasting of Leapfrog Combined Model Merging Residual Errors of Chaos