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2016 Vol. 41, No. 12

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A Virtual Globe-oriented Visualization Method for 3D Meteorological Fields
Double-layer Asynchronous Iterative Algorithm for Flood Routing Simulation
Distortion Analysis of Approximate Equal-area Grids Based on Octahedron
Detection of Spatial Outlier Patterns from Point Events Based on Multi-constrained Delaunay Triangulation
A Similarity Evaluation Method on Spatial Patterns of Network Structures: A Case Study About Beijing Traffic-network Backbones from 1938 to 2014
An Automatic Texture Mapping Method Using Local Surface Consistency Constraint
Application in Accuracy Assessment for DEM Interpolation Methods Based on a Variance-scale Law
Automatic Registration of Building's Point Clouds Based on Planar Primitive Groups
Detection of Round Ban Traffic Signs in Natural Environment
The Correlation Between the Variation of PM2.5/PM10 and Precipitable Water Vapor Based on GPS and Radiosonde
The Cycle-Slip Detection and Repair of BDS Based on Improved TurboEdit Algorithm
Real-time Cycle Slip Detection in Triple-frequency BDS
Frequency Hopping Communication Method for Satellites Using BeiDou Time Service and Ephemeris
BDS Differential Code Bias Estimation Using BeiDou Experimental Tracking Stations
Assessment of Tropospheric Delay Correction Models over China
A Matching Algorithm Using Gravity Anomaly Based on the RAE Parallel Filtering
A Combined Phase Unwrapping Algorithm by Regions Partition
Using Minimum Fuzzy Entropy Algorithm to Measure Uncertainty of Geodetic Data
Total Least Squares Joint Adjustment
Multivariate Separation of Urban Ground Noise
A New Fitting Method of Profile Circular Curve of Existing Railway