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2012 Vol. 37, No. 10

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A 30′×30′ Global Geoid Model Determined Based on a New Method and Its Validation
Sequential Algorithm of Geodesy Joint Inversion with Auto-match Weight Ratio and Its Application
Impact of Tibetan Plateau Deformation on China's Western Borders
Discussion of some Lssues in the Coastal Precise Quasi-geoid Determination
A New MQ-B Method Suitable for Large Scale Velocity Field Modeling
The Application of Two Types of Modified Stokes's Kernels for Geoid Determination in the Coastal Areas of China Sea
Improved Algorithm of Autocovariance Least-Squares Noise Estimation
The Application of a Novel Variance Testing Model for Compatibility Analysis of Datum Points in Engineering GPS Network
Comparative Test Analysis for Determining Bridge Deflection by Using Ground-Based SAR and GPS
Estimation and Analysis for Widelane Carrier Phase Fractional Bias of Satellite
Volume Change of Groundwater in Langfang Region Derived from Multi-Temporal InSAR
Modeling Global Ionospheric Delay with IGS Ground-based GNSS Observations
Research on Network Augmented Real-time Precise Point Positioning Algorithm with Broadcast Ephemeris
Calibration of the Linear Drift of Mean Sea Level Change from Satellite Altimetry Using Tide Gauge Observations
Simulation Research of Earth's Gravity and Geomagnetism Potential Field Aided Underwater Navigation
The Study on ICCP Algorithm for Gravity Matching Based on Local Continuous Field
The Coseismic Coulomb Stress Changes Induced by the 2010 Mw 6.9 Yushu Earthquake,China and Its Implication to Earthquake Hazards
Investigation on the Square Root of the Linear Combination of the Squre of RMSE and Smoothness for the Vondrak Filter's Evaluation
Simulation Study of Rigorous Gravity Field Recovery by Combining GOCE Satellite Orbit and Gravity Gradient Data
Determination of Polar Ice Sheet Height Change from ICESat Altimetry Data
Study and Analysis of Chemical Reaction Optimization in Image Segmentation
Digital Watermark Algorithm Using Image Relocation and Traversal Detection for Remote Sensing Image
An Algorithm of Building Image Rectification with Generalized Point Photogrammetry and Object Space Compensation
Estimating Impervious Surfaces Using the Fuzzy ARTMAP
ASAR Information Visualization Framework Based Joint Boost Feature Selection Method
Effective Flow Accumulation Threshold of Extracting Valley-line from Grid-based Digital Elevation Model
Thoughts on Smarter Planet from the View of Geomatics
The Modeling and Encoding System for Globaldiscrete Equaiarea-quadtree Grids
Watermarking Algorithm Using Wavelet Transform for GIS Video Data