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2021 Vol. 46, No. 9

Geodesy and Navigation
The Concept of Resilience of National Comprehensive PNT System
Review of PEIV Model Parameter Estimation Theory and Its Applications
Linearization Estimation Algorithm for Universal EIV Adjustment Model
Classical Least Squares Method for Inequality Constrained PEIV Model
Analysis of Pseudorange and Carrier Ranging Deviation of BDS-3 Using Parabolic Directional Antenna
Elimination of Colored Noise in GNSS Station Coordinate Time Series by Using Wavelet Packet Coefficient Information Entropy
Adaptive Algebraic Reconstruction Algorithms for GNSS Water Vapor Tomography
Influence Analysis of High-order Seafloor Topography on Sea Surface Gravity Information
Reconstruction Method of Satellite Gravity Gradient Measurement Angular Velocity by Combining Star Tracker Quaternion
A Multi-Pedestrian Tracking Algorithm Based on Center Point Detection and Person Re-identification
Dual Recognition Method of Spatial Layout Fusion for Complex Architectural Plan Drawings
A Data-driven Method for Traversability Analysis and Dataset Generation on Extraterrestrial Terrain
Cartography and Geoinformation
Connotations and Spatial Delimitation of Urban Area
A Real-Time Cleaning Method for Marine Non-Combat Targets
Application of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing
Keel Morphology Analysis on Winter Sea Ice in Northwestern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Adaptive Matched Filtering Algorithm for High-Precision Laser Bathymetry
A Point Cloud Vector Tracing Algorithm for Automatic Drawing of Interior Plan
Effects of Urban Morphology on Land Surface Temperature in Local Climate Zones