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        A Survey on Integrated and Comprehensive Disaster Reduction Technology in the Era of Big Dat
        Adaptive Cartographic Techniques for Disaster Emergency Services
        Key Technologies of Seamless Location in Emergency Rescue
        Reflection and Exploration of Rapid Remote Sensing Emergency Response for Typical Natural Disasters
        A High Accuracy Positioning Method for Single Base Station in Indoor Emergency Environment
        High-Precision BDS Augmented Positioning Method for Disaster Emergency Environment on Smart Device
        Disaster Model Service Chain Orchestration Method Using Disaster Chain Rules
        Building Collapse Assessment with Residual Network
        Rapid Identification and Early Warning of Urban Waterlogging Risk Using Flooding Model
        Rapid Identification Method of Earthquake Intensity Influence Field in Divided-Period After Earthquake
        Knowledge Discovery Method from Text Big Data for Earthquake Emergency
        Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Method Incorporating Index of Entropy Based on Support Vector Machine: A Case Study of Shaanxi Province
        A Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Method Using SMOTE and Convolutional Neural Network
        Spatial Distribution and Identification of Hidden Danger Points of Landslides Based on Geographical Factors
        Comparison and Perspectives on Theories and Simulation Results of Gas Dispersion Models AERMOD and CALPUFF
        Knowledge-Guided Dynamic Representation Method of Landslide Disaster Scene
        Auto-detection and Hiding of Sensitive Targets in Emergency Mapping Based on Remote Sensing Data
        Emergency Mapping Model for Geological Disaster
        Multi-scale Expression Method for Urban 3D Model Considering Local Features
        Design and Implementation of Integrated Disaster Reduction Intelligent Service System Based on Micro-service Architecture and Middle Platform Concept
        Knowledge Graph Construction for Integrated Disaster Reduction
        Geographic Information Rapid Mapping System for Emergency
        Emergency Surveying and Mapping Technical Framework in the New Era
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