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2020 Vol. 45, No. 12

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GIS Framework for Smart Cities
RS-ODMS: An Online Distributed Management and Service Framework for Remote Sensing Data
Thinking and Challenges of Crowd Dynamics Observation from the Perspectives of Public Health and Public Security
Deep Learning and Remote Sensing Data Analysis
A Review of Recent Researches and Reflections on Geospatial Artificial Intelligence
Sensing Urban Dynamics by Fusing Multi-sourced Spatiotemporal Big Data
Applications and New Trends of Machine Learning in Urban Simulation Research
Survey of Point-of-Interest Recommendation Research Fused with Deep Learning
Complicated Geospatial Flow Processing with Scientific Workflow
Spatial-Textal Correlation Analysis Based on Crowdsource Geospatial Data
Review of Interpolation, Reconstruction and Prediction Methods for Heterogeneous and Sparsely Distributed Geospatial Data
Place Model and Big Geo-Data Supported Place Sensing
Bilevel Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Semantic Segmentation Using Large-scale LiDAR Point Clouds in Complex Environments
Cox Regression Analysis of National Terrorist Attacks Considering Spatial and Temporal Factors
Grid Pattern Recognition in Road Networks Based on Graph Convolution Network Model
Predicting Personal Next Location Based on Stay Point Feature Extraction
Identification of Traffic Index Time Series Pattern by Using Convolution Neural Network
Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Model Based on Self-Attention Mechanism and Group Behavior Characteristics
An Optimization Method of Spatial Data Loading for 3D WebGIS