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2017 Vol. 42, No. 12

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Equity-Oriented Time -Varying Emergency Management Service Coverage Optimization
A Collaborative Parallel Spatial Interpolation Algorithmon Oriented Towards the Heterogeneous CPU/GPU System
A Spatial Clustering Method Based on Uneven Distribution of Non-spatial Attributes——Identifying City Commercial Center
Trajectory Similarity Measure Based on Multiple Movement Features
Graphical Information Characteristics of Urban Heat Island Spatial Pattern and its Change
Self-adaptive Planning Method of Imaging Reconnaissance Satellites Area Coverage
Subpixel Snow Mapping Using AVHRR/2 10-Day Compositing Data of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
A Novel Median Filter to Iteratively Remove Salt-and-Pepper Noise from Highly Corrupted Images
Changed Area Construction Based on Two Period Coastlines
Building Facade Damage Detection Based on the Gini Index from Oblique Aerial Images
Tectonic Stress Field of the Weihe Basin Using the Finite Element Method
Characteristics of Fault Locking and Fault Slip Deficit in the Main Himalaya Thrust Fault
The Deformation Characteristics of Sichuan-Yunnan Region in Recent Period
Calculation of Measurement-Height in Development of the Absolute Gravimeter
BDS Triple Frequency Linear Combination Observation Optimization for Medium-Long Baseline
Development and Performance Analysis of a High Precision BDS Baseline Processing Software
Impact of Sample Rate of GPS Satellite Clock and Observation Data on LEO GPS-Based Precise Orbit Determination
An Automatic Bottom Extracting Method for Side-Scan Sonar Image
Influencing Factors of Ocean Current Inversion with X-Band Wave Monitoring Radar
An Improved Tidal Current Separation Method of Radial Basis Function Using Gradient Training
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Tsunami Impacts on the Coastal Area of South China
Kalman Filtering for Ultra-Tight Coupled from Stable State to Catastrophe State in Noise Condition
Improved Ridge Estimation with Singular Value Correction Constraints
Influence on Selection of Data Fusion Model to Overall Adjustment in Industrial Measurement
Evolution Characteristics of Uneven Land Subsidence Along Beijing-Tianjin Inter-City Railway
Non-singular Formulas for Computing Gravity Vector and Vertical Deviation