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2004 Vol. 29, No. 8

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Applications of Wavelet Analysis in Geodesy and Its Progress
Progress of Permanent Scatterer Interferometry
Image Texture Classification Based on Ant Behavior Simulation
Method for Three-Dimensional Abstraction and Description of City
Application of MODIS Data on the Ice Folld Monitoring of Yellow River
Detection of Ships and Ship Wakes in Spaceborne SAR Imagery
Implementing Technique of Spatial Data Quality Control and Evaluation
Application of Image Processing to the Pre-processing of Seal Identification
Estimation of Light Utilization Efficiency of Vegetation in China Based on GIS and RS
Correlativity Study Between El Niño Phenomenon and Mean Sea Level Abnormal Variations in Equator Pacific Area Using
Mathematical Model of Short-Distance and Precise GPS Mobile Positioning in the OTF Way
Uniform Model of Nonlinear Least Squares Adjustment Based on Homotopy Method
Method for Simulative Calculation for Design of GPS Horigontal Network and Its Application
Systematic Error of the 1985 National Height Datum
Fictitious Compress-Recuperation of Gravitational Potential
Quality Analysis of Digitalized Map By Using Strain Tensor
Java Mobile Phone-Oriented GPS Data Picking and Wireless Transmitting System
Application of Multiple Models Algorithm to Cooperative Localization
Analysis on Point Grade Factors' Effect Based on Affecting Character
Petri Nets-based Spatio-temporal Data Model
CCD Camera Synchronization Control Device Based on GPS
Technical Methods for Encrypting and Hiding Digital Watermark in GIS Spatial Data