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2022 Vol. 47, No. 10

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The Mission of Geo-spatial Information Science in New Infrastructure Era
Concept of Constructing the Underwater PNT Network with the Abilities of Communication, Navigation and Remote Sensing in the Deep Sea
Thoughts on the Future Development of Geographic Information System
Multi-source Data Ground Object Extraction Based on Knowledge-Aware and Multi-scale Feature Fusion Network
Progress and Development Trend of Global Refined Seafloor Topography Modeling
Basic Directions and Technological Path for Building 3D Realistic Geospatial Scene in China
Review on Research Progress of the Global Height Datum
Optimized Views Photogrammetry and Ubiquitous Real 3D Data Acquisition with the Application Case in Qingdao
Progress and Prospects of Research on Optimal Land-Use Allocation Modeling
Analysis of Statistic Testing of Elevation-Dependent Stochastic Models of BDS-3 Satellite Observation
Progress and Thoughts on Application of Satellite Positioning Technology in Deformation Monitoring of Water Conservancy Projects
Development and Study in Marine and Airborne Gravimetry and Its Application
Research on Multi-source Remote Sensing Detection of Concealed Fire Sources in Coalfields
Recent Research of Incremental Structure from Motion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images
Overview of Research Progress and Reflections in Intelligent Map Generalization
Advances in Dynamic Maintenance Technology of mm-Level Terrestrial Reference Frame
Progress and Prospects of Seismic Geodetic Determination of Asperities
Progress in Determining the Earth's Gravity Field Model by Satellite Gravimetry
Research Progress and Prospect of Monitoring Ionosphere by GNSS Technique
MEMS-Enhanced Smartphone GNSS High-Precision Positioning for Vehicular Navigation in Urban Conditions
Causes of Coastal Sea Level Change
Measurement Accuracy Analysis of Multilateral Method Based on Optimal Layout with Non-directional Point Calibration
Determination Internal Layer Gravity of Ocean Based on Surface Shallow Layer
Comparison of the Morphologies of Sporadic E Layers Derived Using GPS Radio Occultation Data from FY3C and FY3D Satellites
Tidal Numerical Modeling by the Optimized Boundary Conditions in Haizhou Bay of the Yellow Sea
Prediction of Watershed Groundwater Storage Based on Seasonal Adjustment and NAR Neural Network