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2020 Vol. 45, No. 10

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Initial Results of Precise Orbit Determination Using Satellite-Ground and Inter-Satellite Link Observations for BDS-3 Satellites
Determination of BDS Monitoring Stations Coordinates and Its Influence on Orbit Determination Accuracy
Monitoring of Crustal Vertical Deformation and Gravity Change Caused by Environmental Load in Wenzhou-Lishui Region Using CORS Network
Identification and Forewarning of GNSS Deformation Information Based on a Modified Cumulative Sum Control Chart
Association of Very-Short-Arc Angles Data for LEO Space Objects
Aerial Multi-target Detection Based on Spatial-Temporal Information and Trajectory Association
A Fractal Method for Area Calculation of the Spherical Triangular Grid
Bifactor Weight Determination Method Considering the Influence of Latitude and Longitude in the Calculation of Diurnal Variation of Geomagnetic Data
Simultaneous Interpolation and Denoising Method for Airborne Gravity Data Based on Improved Projection onto Convex Sets Theory
Analysis of Downward Continuation Model of Airborne Gravity Based on Comprehensive Semi-parametric Kernel Estimation and Regularization Method
A Gravity Matching Navigation Algorithm Based on Constraint
Post-Seismic Deformation Processes:Afterslip and Vicoelastic Relaxation Following the 2015 Nepal Mw7.8 Earthquake
Calculating the Starting Incidence Angle by Iterative Method for Positioning Seafloor Control Points
Interactive Extraction of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Surface Feature Based on Full-Connected Conditional Random Field
An Improved Multi-sensor Data Adaptive Fusion Method
High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Building Change Detection Based on One-Class Classifier Framework
Neighborhood Extremum Method of Extracting Urban Built-Up Area Using Nighttime Lighting Data
An Efficient Matching Algorithm Based on Vector Graphics Using Multi-dimensional Object Segmentation Ratio
A Spatial Indexing Method for Efficient Generation of Vector Tiles
Performance Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Kriging in Spatial Estimation of PM2.5 Concentration