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2018 Vol. 43, No. 4

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Lunar Global High-precision Terrain Reconstruction Based on Chang'e-2 Stereo Images
Indices and Methods for Evaluating Quantificationally the Quality of Simplification of a Depth-Contour in Nautical Chart
A Vector Pyramid Model to Support Continuous Multi-scale Representation of Spatial Data
A Method for Indoor Map Unified Mathematical Transformation Based on Transition Projecting Plane
A Complex Linear Feature of Fréchet Distance Matching Method
Theory and Application of Spatial Chromatic Tessellation and Model
A Multi-level Adjacent Searching Algorithm of Degenerate Quadtree Grid on Spherical Facet
A Feature Selection Approach via LASSO for Aerosol Optical Thickness Estimation
Automatic Change Detection of Remote Sensing Image Integrated with Process Optimization
The Impact of Different Fitting Functions for Water Backscatter Waveforms on the Accuracy of Laser Sounding
A Hyperspectral Image Classification Method Based on Collaborative Representation in Tangent Space
Spatio-Temporal Reflectance Fusion Based on 3D Steering Kernel Regression Techniques
Ocean Mass Variations in the South China Sea Inferred from Satellite Altimetry, GRACE, Oceanographic and Meteorological Data
Least Squares Collocation-Tikhonov Regularization Method for the Downward Continuation of Airborne Gravity Data
A Modified Correction Model for Platform Tilt in Air-Sea-Borne Gravimetry
A Refined Least Squares Collocation Method Based on Multiquadric Function
A Sophisticated Klobuchar Model Based on the Holt Exponential Smoothing Model
Application of Stochastic Resonance Algorithm in the Weak BeiDou Signal Acquisition
A Modified Model for GPS Precise Point Positioning
Periodic Oscillation Analysis of GPS Water Vapor Time Series Using Combined Algorithm Based on EMD and WD
Coordinate Time Series of IGS Station in China Based on the Combination of Wavelet Spectral and Variance Component Estimation
A Modified Wide Lane Bootstrapping Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm