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2017 Vol. 42, No. 9

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Research Progress of Airborne Laser Bathymetry Technology
Wide-Swath InSAR Geodesy and Its Applications to Large-Scale Deformation Monitoring
A Method to Improve the Utilization of Observation for Water Vapor Tomography by Adding Assisted Tomographic Area
An Approach for Real-Time GPS/GLONASS Satellite Clock Estimation with GLONASS Code Inter-Frequency Biases Compensation
A Method of BDS/GPS RTK Positioning Based on MCAR Algorithm for Medium-baseline
Extract Short Impending Abnormal Indicator from Deformation Data in Yunnan Province
Accuracy Evaluation and Applicability of IGRF12 and WMM2015 Model in Chinese Mainland
Tilt-Depth Method for Gravity Exploration and Its High Order Generation
Latitude Effect in Positioning Performance by Using BeiDou Regional Satellite Navigation System
Effects Analysis of Constraints on GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation
Stability Analysis of the Space-borne Atomic Clock Frequency for BDS
Identification of Urban Network Congested Segments Using GPS Trajectories Double-Clustering Method
Kinect Point Cloud Registration Method Based on Epipolar and Point-to-Plane Constraints
An Automatic Matching Method Based on Local Phase Feature Descriptor for Multi-source Remote Sensing Images
Building Detection from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Based on a Deformable Part Model
Block Adjustment of Airborne InSAR Based on Schreiber Rule
Analysis of Capabilities of C-and L-band SAR Data to Detect Newly-reclaimed Area
Land Use Optimization Based on CLUE-S Model and Ecological Security Scenario in Shiyang River Basin
An Adaptive Parallel CSRBF Terrain Interpolation Method Based on RASM
Calibrating Urban Expansion Cellular Automata Using Biogeography-Based Optimization
An Improved Cellular Automata Model for Simulating Pedestrian Evacuation
Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Slicing Transform