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2016 Vol. 41, No. 7

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Context-Aware Smart City Geospatial Web Service Composition
Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Log-Gabor Wavelet and Krawtchouk Moments
Fast Compression Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Based on Dispersion Sorting in Transform Domain
Object-oriented Change Detection for Remote Sensing Images Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Classification Algorithm for Laser Point Clouds of High-steep Slopes Based on Multi-scale Dimensionality Features and SVM
Transferability of Retrieval Models for Estimating Soil Organic Carbon Contents Based on Regional Soil Spectral Libraries
An Interpolation Method for DEM Generation by Integration of Morphological Reconstruction and Distance Transformation with Obstacles
A DCT DEM Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on the Analysis of Slope and Aspect
An Assimilation Method of Inconsistency Between Area Objects at Different Scales with Respect to Spatial Relation Constraints
Modelling the Spatial Distribution of Lake Surface Water Temperature of the Thaw Lakes in Arctic Coastal Plain Using Geographically Weighted Regression Model
An Improved Model for Calculating the Similarity of Spatial Direction Relations Between Areal Objects
A Dual Iterative Clustering Based Fuzzy Projection Pursuit Clustering Algorithm
Landscape Pattern Analysis for Mining Area Based on Optimal Grain Size
The Biased Kalman Filter and Algorithm
Research on Autonomous Navigation Method for the Cruise Phase of Mars Exploration
Rainfall-induced Landslide Prediction Based on Dynamic Exponential Smoothing Model
Analysis and Test of Correction to Vertical Velocity Measured by GPS Mobile Observation with Continuous Observation
Determination of the Geopotential and Orthometric Height Difference Based on the Two Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer Observations
Using Orthogonal Transformation Method to Select Independent Baselines and Independent Double-difference Ambiguities
Real-time Compensation Method of Magnetic Heading Perturbations Based on Magnetic Anomaly Inversion
Improving Real-Time Ionospheric Delay Extraction in Precise Point Positioning with Sidereal Filtering
Accelerating Ambiguity Fixing in Kinematic Positioning Using Epoch-differenced Coordinate Information