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2016 Vol. 41, No. 2

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Reflections on Issues in National Geographical Conditions Monitoring
Algorithm for Retrieving Surface Temperature Considering HJ-1 Images and Ground Sensor Network Data
DEnKF-based Assimilation of MODIS-Derived Snow Cover Products into Common Land Model Considering the Model Sub-grid Heterogeneity
The Gradient Voronoi Diagram and Construction Algorithm
Road Networks Matching Using Multiple Logistic Regression
Hierarchical Representation of Urban Road Network Based on Topological Intensity
A Gird Line Vectorization Method Based on Delaunay Triangulation
Cloud Recognition for Four Bands Cameras of High Spatial Resolution Combined with the Regularized Least Squares Algorithm
A Clustered Threshold Method for Extracting Urban Built-up Area Using the DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Images
Parallelization of an Optimization Algorithm for Beneficial Watershed Management Practices
Distilling Feature Shallow Points from Soundings Based on the Slope-Relationship
Automated Name Placement for Area Resident Annotations
Detecting “Hot Spots” of Facility POIs Based on Kernel Density Estimation and Spatial Autocorrelation Technique
An Object-based Automatic Interpretation Method for Geographic Features Based on Random Forest Machine Learning
Identification of a Rural-urban Fringe Based on Wavelet Transform-A Case Study of Wuhan
Monitoring Ground Subsidence in the Modern Yellow River Delta Based on SBAS Time-series Analysis
Impact of Ambiguity Resolution and Arc Length on Regional Precise Orbit Determination
Application of Posteriori Estimation of a Stochastic Model on the Weighted Total Least Squares Problem
A Multipath Error Non-envelope Assessment Method for GNSS Signals
Extended Robust Kalman Filter Based on Innovation Chi-Square Test Algorithm and Its Application
An Analysis of Precise Positioning and Accuracy of the CE-3 Lunarlander Soft Landing
Evaluation and Analysis of BDS Instrumental Biases