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2013 Vol. 38, No. 1

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Aerial LiDAR Data Classification Using Weighted Support Vector Machines
Study on Automated Labeling for Area Graphic Feature Based on Integral Image
Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Producing Texture “Tuned” Masks
Geostatistical Approaches to Post-classification of Remote Sensing Image
Adaptive Multi-scale Remote Sensing Imagery Segmentation Incorporated Multiple Features
Self-Adapting Differential Evolution and Its Application on Remote Sensing Image Supervised Classification
Face Super-resolution Using Sparse Representation with Position Weights
The Basic Characteristics of Spatial Variation of 3D Deformation Field in Current North China
On the Correlation Between ERP and Earth-Moon Distance with 2000-2012 VLBI Data
Co-seismic Slip and Rupture of the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake from GPS and Sea-floor Point Observations
The Fitting of GPS-Level and Gravity Quasigeoid Based on Adaptive Collocation
The Apply of Precise Point Positioning in GPS/INS Integrated Navigation
Centimeter Level Orbit Determination for HY2A Using GPS Data
Study on Classification of Matching Area of Underwater Topography Based on BP Neural Network
Bathymetry Prediction from GGM Method with Terrain Reductions
The Analysis of Lunar Gravity Field Characters from SGM100i
Regularized Newton Iterative Algorithm for Poisson Model of Soft Clay Embankment Settlement
A Fuzzy Inference Algorithm Suitable for Road Network Weight Analysis in Mountain Areas
A Grid-Time-indexed Cube Model for Spatiotemporal Data Warehouse of Vehicle Supervision
A Shoulder-lines Connection Algorithm Using Improved Snake Model
High Speed DEM Construction Based on Local Least Squares Collocation
An Automatic Method of Coverting DNC to ENC
Spatial Association Rule Mining Based on Overlay Analysis and Area Calculation
A Self-intersecting Polygon Processing Algorithm in the Vectorization of Classified Raster Data
Center's Service Area Considering Topology
A Parallel Algorithm of Model Simplification Under the Control of Parameter Based on Independent Set of Points
A Massive Small File Storage Solution Combination of RDBMS and Hadoop
Using the Principle of Moment Balance Establishing Map's Visual Balance Modle
An Adaptive Robust Audio Blind Watermarking Algorithm Using Dithering Quantization and SNR