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2009 Vol. 34, No. 2

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Geo-spatial Urban Information Services Based on Real Image:Take Image City·Wuhan as an Example
A Water Pollution Diffusion Model on Emergency Response and Its Visualization in a GIS Platform
Design and Implement of an Application-Oriented Model Base System
Suitability Evaluation Model for Urban Municipal Supervision and Management Grid System Based on Spatial Database
Distributed Geographic Models Sharing Method Based on Web Services
Morphologic Fidelity of Grid Digital Elevation Model
Framework and Its Core Contents Research of Ubiquitous Geographic Information
An Improved 3D Terrain Modeling Algorithm
Progressive Representation and Generalization for Vector Data of Street Network
A Watermarking Algorithm for Vector Maps in Spatial Domain
Data Scheduling for Map Data Reading
Construction Land Change Driving Forces in Rapid Urbanization Area: a Case Study of Longgang District of Shenzhen City
Optimal Allocation of Land Resources Based on MOP-CA
Change Detection of Road Networks Based on Remote Sensing Image
Object-Oriented Approach for ADS40 Image Classification
Object-Space Back Project Coordinates Calculation Algorithm for ADS40 Imageries
Automated Construction and Classification of Decision Tree Classifier Based on Single-Temporal MODIS Data
Building Facade Extraction and Classification Using Laser Scanning Intensity
Close Multi-view Metrical Data Registration
Moment and Curvature Preserving Methods for Circular Targets Accurate Location
Improvement of Cloud Parameters Based Drought Monitoring Model Using Remote Sensing Data
Retrieval of Water Content of Crop Based on Remote Sensing
Statistical Validation of COSMIC Radio Occultation Refractivity Profiles
Analyses of Main Error Sources on Time-Domain Frequency Stability for Atomic Clocks of Navigation Satellites
Visibility Analysis of X-ray Pulsar Navigation
Rapidly Computing Satellite Gravity Gradient Observations Along Orbit from Gravity Field Model
GPS-Based Orbit Determination for LEO Using Bidirectional Filter
GPS/DR Original Observation Integrated Navigation and Positioning
Application of Genetic Algorithm to Solve Ill-Conditioned Equations for GPS Rapid Positioning
A Numerical Value Index Applied to Diagnosis of Ill-conditioning Problems:Orthogonal Degree of Matrices
A Novel Method for Forecasting Landslide Displacement Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and Support Vector Machine