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1996 Vol. 21, No. 4

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The Present Situation on Satellite Gravity Gradiometry and Its Vistas in the Application of Physical Geodesy
Some Remarks on the Pseudo solution to Satellite Gravity Gradiometry Boundary Value Problem
Removing the Singularity of the Earth's Free Oscillation Ordinary Differential Equations at the Earth Center by Chebyshev Collocation Method
Simultaneous Location and Evaluation of Multidimensional Gross Errors
A Study of Combined Data Processing with GPS Leveling, Astrogravimetric Leveling and Gravimetric Geoid
Robust Estimation Considering Fuzzy Logical Relationship
Information Value Method for Stabilty Study of High Rock Slopes of Engineering
Research of Grey Forecast on Dam Level Displacement
The Variance Estimation of Corresponding Points in GIS Overlay Operation
GIS Supported Study of Optimizing Design Models on Urban Rain Pipe Systems
The Application of Multiresolution Support of WT for Lowpass Filtering of Noisy Imagery
Nailfold Microcirculation Quantitative Analysis System
Establishment and Application of Water Quality Forecasting Model of Lake
Research on Some Theory Problems of Fractal Geographical Map Handling
Research On Frequency Modulation of Images
Judging CCD Imaging Sensor Output Image Signal Quality by Square wave Contrast Transfer Function
The Research of Measuring Nonlinear Scale of Linear CCD Sampling and Collecting System
Establishment of Differential Equation for Optical Inverted Image Zoom and Its Application
Analysis and Calculation of Earthquake Resistance Design for Variable Section Tall Structure