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1996 Vol. 21, No. 2

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Spherical Harmonic Synthesis on Satellite Gravity Gradient Component
Computation of the Earth's Internal Flattening and Some Other Physical Parameters
Strain Analysis of the National Astrogeodetic Network
Study on Periodic Errors of Lacoste and Romberg G Gravity Meters
Neural Network Based Vector Quantizer and Lossy Compressed Coding on Remotely Sensed Image
Data Structure in 3D Geographic Information Systems
Accuracy Indicators for Estimating Positional Error of Area Primitives in GIS
A Renewal Operation of N1NF Temporal Databases
On the Universal Expert System for Remotely Sensed Image Understanding
Automatic Name Placement by Mathematical Morphology
Fractal-based Expression of Landform
A Study on the Fractal Interpolation of DEM and Its Experimentation
A Preliminary Study on the Theory Construction Model of Comparative Process
A GIS Approach to the Land Suitability Evaluation
Precision Determination of the Best Imaging Position of CCD Array of Space Camera with Optical Transfer Function
The Modulation Transfor Function of Charge-coupled Devices
Research on the Indoor Inspection of Level's Synthetic Deviation
Hardware System for Measuring Length and Width of Steel-plates
The Implementation of Vector Chinese Characters in Windows Envieronment
Adapted Solution of a Backward Nonlinear Stochastic Evolution Equation