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        Abstract PDF
        Influence of Inner Core Rotation Rate and Tilt on ICW and FICN:Mathews Theory
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        Abstract PDF
        Gravity Field Character and Lithosphere Tectonics in Sanjiang Region
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        Abstract PDF
        Model Recognition of Landslide Deformation
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        Abstract PDF
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        Abstract PDF
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        Abstract PDF
        Several Technical Problems on Applications of Digital Map to Vehicle Navigation Systems
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        Abstract PDF
        The Systematical Error Analysis of High Precision GPS Network Adjustment
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        Abstract PDF
        GPS Timing for Power System Applications
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        Abstract PDF
        The Parallel Recursive Sub-optimal Sage Filter Based on SPRT
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        Abstract PDF
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        Abstract PDF
        Semiparametric Regression and Model Refining
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        Abstract PDF
        Direct Solution to Generalized Ridge Estimate
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        Abstract PDF
        The Scanning Mathematical Models of a Laser-theodolite with Three Freedoms of Rotation
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        Abstract PDF
        Shape Quality Inspection of Industrial Oblate Ellipsoid of Rotating Object
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        Abstract PDF
        Research and Analysis on Technological Features of Updating and Integrating Jiangsu 1:50000 Scale Fundamental Geographic Information
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        Abstract PDF
        Identification of Digital Elevation Annotation in Scanned Map
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        Abstract PDF
        The Method of Using Matching Line to Solve Transform Parameter
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        Abstract PDF
        Color Compound Domino Effect of True Color Remote Sensing Imagery
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        Abstract PDF
        Design of Long-range Intelligent Data Acquisition and Processing System
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        Abstract PDF
        The Uniqueness of the Steady State of the Decomposed Dynamic Circuits with Nonlinear Resistors
        FENG Ping
        2002, 27(2): 212-215.
        Abstract PDF
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