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2002 Vol. 27, No. 2

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Analysis of Systematic Error Influencing the Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanning Altimetry
Influence of Inner Core Rotation Rate and Tilt on ICW and FICN:Mathews Theory
Gravity Field Character and Lithosphere Tectonics in Sanjiang Region
Model Recognition of Landslide Deformation
The Recovery of Bathymetry from Altimeter Data
Scanning-track Computation and Analysis for Airborne Laser Depth Sounding
Several Technical Problems on Applications of Digital Map to Vehicle Navigation Systems
The Systematical Error Analysis of High Precision GPS Network Adjustment
GPS Timing for Power System Applications
The Parallel Recursive Sub-optimal Sage Filter Based on SPRT
Software of Georobot Deformation Monitoring System
Semiparametric Regression and Model Refining
Direct Solution to Generalized Ridge Estimate
The Scanning Mathematical Models of a Laser-theodolite with Three Freedoms of Rotation
Shape Quality Inspection of Industrial Oblate Ellipsoid of Rotating Object
Research and Analysis on Technological Features of Updating and Integrating Jiangsu 1:50000 Scale Fundamental Geographic Information
Identification of Digital Elevation Annotation in Scanned Map
The Method of Using Matching Line to Solve Transform Parameter
Color Compound Domino Effect of True Color Remote Sensing Imagery
Design of Long-range Intelligent Data Acquisition and Processing System
The Uniqueness of the Steady State of the Decomposed Dynamic Circuits with Nonlinear Resistors