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1990 Vol. 15, No. 2

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The Effects of The Biases in GPS Observations on Relative Positioning
A Solution for Local Gravity Field by Using Finite Element Method
The Broad Relative Error Ellipsoid(Ellipse)
On the Theoretical System of Cartography
Bundle Block Adjustment Based on the Principle of Minimizing the Sum of Absolute Residuals
The Design of Land Suitability Eyaluation Information System on Micro-Computer
The Transformation Models for Combining Different Types of 3-D Positioning Networks
The Application of the Optimal Method of Use Value Analysis to the Solution of the Function-Technique Matrix
The Optimizing Desing Of Urban Network
The Distinguish and the Estimation of Parameters for Deformation Model
Second Order Design of a Monitoring Network
The Statiscal Properties and Application of Least Squares Estimates of the Residuals
The MINQE Theory of Variance Component Estimation and Its Applications in Photogrammetry