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2022 Vol. 47, No. 4

Geodesy and Navigation
Calculation of Lunar Libration Parameters Using VLBI Observations and Improvement of Lander Positioning and Velocity Measurement
Error Correction Model and Uncertainty Analysis of the Shipborne Absolute Gravity Measurement System
Numerical Simulation of Dynamo Model with the Earth's Axis Precession
Determination of Relative Weight Ratio of Joint Inversion Using Bias-Corrected Variance Component Estimation Method
An Automatic Filtering Algorithm of Multi-beam Bathymetry Based on Bidirectional Cloth Simulation
Characteristics of Galileo Calibrated Satellite Antenna Parameter and Their Impacts on Precise Point Positioning
Multi-scale Edge Detection of Potential Field Using the BEMD and WMM Methods
Noisy Gravity Data Reconstruction Using the Convolutional Autoencoder
Monitoring the Variation of Terrestrial Water Storage in North China by Three-Dimensional Acceleration Point-Mass Modeling Approach
Cartography and Geoinformation
A 3D LOD Conceptual Model of Building with Indoor Spatial Structure and Its Generating Method
Review on Progress of Lunar Topographic Mapping in China
Topological Relations Quantitative Expression Method of Multi-scale Contour Cluster
Nearest Neighbor Query Algorithm of Mixed Data in Road Network
Research on Traffic Lights Timing Optimization and Simulation
A Method for Friendship Judgement Based on Improved Gravity Model with Check-in Data
A Hilbert-Octree Neighbor Grid Element Calculation Algorithm
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
A Registration Method of Remote Sensing Image and Vector Data Using Mask R-CNN
A Handwritten Chinese Characters Files Text Recognition Method Based on Inception Structure
Summary of PhD Thesis
Analysis and Processing of Spatiotemporal Precipitation Forecasting by Considering Data and Model Uncertainties
Research on Urban Video Vehicle Re-Identification Coupling Multi-granularity Visual Features and Spatiotemporal Information