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2017 Vol. 42, No. 10

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Gully Erosion TLS Monitoring and Estimation in Area of Sparse Vegetation
Automatic Building Extraction Based on Shadow Analysis from High Resolution Images in Suburb Areas
Extraction and Reconstruction of Zebra Crossings from High Resolution Aerial Images
Analysis on the Approach to Determine an Appropriate Window Size for Grid-Based Digital Terrain
Algorithm of Approximating Road Network Distance Via the Minkowski Distance
Road Network Topology Automatic Change Detection Based on GPS Spatio-Temporal Trajectories
Optimization of Terrain Generation Algorithm in Three-dimensional Real-time Modeling
Estimation of Atmospheric Phase Contributions Using Smoothing Spline in Persistent Scatterers Radar Interferometry
A Wavelet Method for Vector Polygon Pattern Recognition
A New Cycle Slip Detection and Repair Method Based on Epoch Difference for a Single-frequency GNSS Receiver
Non-recursive Minimum Discontinuity Phase Unwrapping Algorithm and Its Optimization
DEM Production for Larsemann Hills Combining Cryosat-2 and Ground-based Elevation Data
Systematic Bias Compensation Model of Inter-system Bias and Its Performance Analysis for BDS/GPS Fusion Positioning
A Method for Joint Positioning of Lunar Roverbased on Federated Kalman Filter
BDS Triple-frequency Ionospheric Delay and Code Hardware Delay Estimation Method
A Method Designed for Calculating the Cooperative Targets' Mounting Parameters to Vehicle Based Position and Orientation System
The Effect of the Random Coefficient Matrix on Adjustment of the Inversion of Crustal Strain Parameters Model
The Estimation of BeiDou Satellite-induced Code Bias and Its Impact on the Precise Positioning
An Assessment of GPT2w Model and Fusion of a Troposphere Model with in Situ Data
Influence of Horizontal Disturbing Gravity on Position Error in Inertial Navigation Systems
The Feasibility Study on Settlement Monitoring of a Parallel Combination Prediction Method Based on ELMD
Coseismic Vertical Displacement and Fault Motion Model of the Nepal Mw7.9 Earthquake
Impact of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Reservoir on Fault Activity