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2016 Vol. 41, No. 4

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Built-up Area Detection from a Stereo Pair Using Disparity Information
Scheme and Key Technologies of Autonomous Optical Navigation for Mars Exploration in Cruise and Capture Phase
Subdivision R-Tree Index Model of the Earth-based Three-dimensional Subdivision Grids
Implementation and Improvement of Beams Displacement Algorithm in Automated Cartographic Generalization
SVM Classification with Multi-texture Data of ZY-102C HR Image
Modeling the Spatial Expansion of Urban Agglomeration Considering Their Spatial Interaction:A Case Study of Wuhan Metropolitan Area
Extracting Spatio-temporal Features via Multi-layer Independent Subspace Analysis for Action Recognition
Interferometric Phase Estimation Based on Weighted Joint Covariance Matrix Fitting
Fuzzy Image Classification with a Certain Degree
Method of Vector Data Compression Based on Sector Screening
Behavior Recognition of Human Based on Deep Learning
Automatic Method of Kriging Interpolation of Spatial Data
Review of the Post-processing Methods on GRACE Time Varied Gravity Data
An Modified Method for Airborne Gravimetry Data Processing
Analysis of the Vertical Deformation of China Coastal Tide Stations Using GPS Continuous Observations
A New Method of Real-time High Precision Pseudorange Calculation in High Dynamic Circumstance
Spoofing Detection Technique Based on Carrier Phase Double Difference of Spin-Antenna
Analysis of Anhui CORS Reference Stations 3D Velocity Field
Oblique Mercator Projection and Its Application to Control Network for High Speed Railway
Improvement of a Three-dimensional Coordinate Transformation Model Adapted to Big Rotation Angle Based on Quaternion
A GPS Height Fitting Method Based on the EGM2008 Model and Terrain Correction
Assessment of AMSR-E Sea Ice Concentration Products at Ice Edges in Antarctic
Space Resection of Big Attitude Image Based on Levenberg-Marquardt Method