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2015 Vol. 40, No. 3

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Preliminary Study on Conception and Key Technologies of the Location-based ParrInformation Map
Retrieval of Chlorophyll Content Using Continuous Wavelet Analysis Across a Range of Vegetation Species
Relative Orientation Based on Intersecting Lines
A New Automatic Water Body Feature Extraction MethodBased on SPOTS Images
Path Planning Strategies for UAV Based on Improved A*Algorithm
Face Feature Weighted by Fusing Texture and Shape
Imaging Simulation of Sub-meter Satellite TDI CCD Camera for Surveying and Mapping
A Comparative Study of the Rapid Estimation of Downstream Flood Risk Induced by Dammed Lakes
The Threat Situation Information Field Model and Application for Airport Environment
A Multrtexture Automatic Merging Approach for the 3D City Models
Test Methods for Space-time Interaction of Events Under Road Network Constraints
Calibration of the Accelerometers OnboardGRACE with the Dynamic Method
Single Epoch Ambiguity Resolution of BDS TripleFrequency Measured Data Under Short Baseline
Fast Ambiguity Resolution Between Long-Range Base Stations Based on Sequential Adjustment
Quality Assessment of Norrinteger-hour Data Blocks in GPS Broadcast Ephemeris
A Real-Time Attitude Determination Approach for Land Navigation Based on GPS/Gyroscope Integration
Implementation of Distributed Computing with Large-Scale GLASS Data
A New Wide Area Ionospheric Correction Method Based on Triangular Partition
Datum Transformation Parameters Estimation and Longterm Evolution Analysis of WGS84 and ITRS
Study on Horizontal Crustal Deformation in Fujian Province Using Spherical Least Square Collocation
An Improved Code Phase Acquisition Algorithm for BOC Signal
Application of Precise Point Positioning for Island Control Survey
System Error Correction for Shipborne Gravimetric Data form Different Regions of Offshore in China
Higlrprecision Prediction of Ships Including Speed and Orientation