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2014 Vol. 39, No. 9

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Review of GNSS Ambiguity Validation Theory
An Improved Cycle Slip Detection Based on Turbo EditMethod for Dual-frequency GPS Receiver
)Extraction of Regional Ionospheric TEC from GPS Dual Observation
A New Combined LS Method Considering Random Errors of Design Matrix
Least Squares Parameter Estimation in Additive/MultiplicativeError Models for Use in Geodesy
Adjust Measurement Unit Algorithm for Ill-posedProblem of GM(1,1) Model
Gravity Field Modeling Using Energy ConservationApproach and GOCE Orbits
Key Technology on Establishment of an Independent CoordinateSystem for Water Diversion Project in Central Yunnan
Adaptive-Step Based Marine Fluid Flow Streamline Constructing Algorithm
An Algorithm for Adaptive Overlap of Vector Polylineand DEM Based on Spherical DQG
Target Geometry Matching Threshold in Incremental Updatingof Road Networks Based on OSTU
GPU-Based Parallel Bulk Loading R-trees Using STR Methodon Fine-Grained Model
Quantitative Analysis of DEM Terrain Representation Error Field
CD-TIN Based Urban Inundation Simulation Method and Its Experiment
Parametric Modeling Method in Three-Dimensional GIS
Fast Computation of Derivatives of Magnetic VectorComponents in Magnetic Anomaly Detection
Block Adjustment of ZY-3Long Strip Scenes
-1 CCD Multi-view Images
An Improved Remote Sensing Image Retrieval MethodBased on Bag of Word Framework
Automatic and Accurate Mosaicking of Point Clouds fromMulti-station Laser Scanning
)An Algorithm for Slope Estimation from Repeat Tracks of ICESat/GLAS
Ground Subsidence Rate Inversion of Large Temporal and SpatialScales Based on Extended PSInSAR Method