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2014 Vol. 39, No. 8

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Geospatial Knowledge Service:A Review
A Supervised Classification Method of Polarimetric Sythetic ApertureRadar Data Using Watershed Segmentation and Decision Tree C5.0
Automatic Matching for Optical Imagery Acquired from DomesticSatellites Based on Rigorous Orientation Model
An Improved Single-orbit Scheduling Method for Agile ImagingSatellite Towards Area Target
The Geographic Object-based Method for Change Detection withRemote Sensing Imagery
An Approach for Linear Feature Detection from Remote Sensing Images withHigh Spatial Resolution Based on Sparse Decomposition
Compare of WMM2010and IGRF11Model with AnnualMean Value of Geomagnetic Observatories
Global Ionospheric TEC Modeling Using Measured GPS and GLONASS
Accuracy Assessment of Applying ERA-Interim Reanalysis Data toCalculate Ground-based GPS/PWV over China
Determination of Ice-flow Velocity at the Polar Record Glacierand Dalk Glacier Using DInSAR
Small Baseline Bubset InSAR Technology Used in Datong Basin GroundSubsidence,Fissure and Fault Zone Monitoring
Moving Target Detection Using C_SURF Registration
Spatio-Temporal Trajectory RelationshipsBased on Stop/Move Abstraction
A VGI Vector Road Data Increment Distinguishing ResearchBased on Multilevel Spreading Algorithm
Spatial-Temporal Dynamic Features in Soil Erosion of theGushanchuan Basin in the Past Three Decades
A Tunnel Overall Deformation MonitoringMethod and Its Application
Laboratory Calibration of Phase-terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner
An Interactive Approach to Generate Realistic 3DFace
A Synchronous Background Segmentation Method for theTransmission and Reflection Images of Tobacco Leaves
An Improved Non-linear Masking Algorithm for HDRImage Tone Reproduction