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2012 Vol. 37, No. 7

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Quantitative Analysis of Error in Extracting Flow Length from Grid-based Digital Elevation Model
Optimization of Land Use Zoning Based on Goal Programming and Simulated Annealing
Spatiotemporal Interpolation and Cross Validation Based on Product-Sum Model
An Algorithm for Self-adaptive Partition of Scattered Points in Planar Domain
Similarity Calculation of Adjacency Relation for Building Group
Similarity Measurement in High Dimensional Space Based on Unequally Spaced Partition
Improvement of the Ray-tracing Algorithm Based on Image Theory
An Edge Detector for Polarimetric SAR Images Based on Adaptive Optimal Polarimetric Contrast Enhancement
System for Soil Moisture Retrieval and Data Assimilation from Remotely Sensed Data in Arid Regions
Building Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Spatial-Spectral Method
Investigation on Building Height Extraction via Radar Backscattering Characteristics in High Resolution SAR Images
Interferogram Filtering Algorithmby Considering Edge Information in DT-CWT Domain
Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Strip Adjustment Method
Compression Algorithm for GNSS Observations Data
Muliti-scale Distributed Filtering Algorithm of Multi-sensor Integrated Navigation System
Study on GPS/GLONASS Precise Point Positioning Using UofC Ionosphere-free Combination
Analysis of Errors of Rotating Modulation INS Effected by Angular Motion of Vehicle
Estimate of GPS Slant-path Water Vapor Based on Single-differenced Residuals Between Satellites
Information Matrix Algorithms to Produce Least Independent Close Loops in GPS Network
Study on the Detection and Repair Method of the Short-Period Tidal Gauge Observation System Error
The Comparative Analysis of Long-term Stability of Pulsar Time and That of Atomic Time Using σ_z(τ)
Research on the Point Cloud Angular Resolution of Terrestrial Laser Scanners
Application of Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis to Soil Moisture in Eastern China for 2003~2008
Coseismic Three-dimensional Deformation of L'Aquila Earthquake Derived from Multi-platform DInSAR Data
A Method for Gravity Anomaly Separation in Spherical Coordinate System Based on Spherical Cap Moving Average
Technological Flow for Processing Landslide-monitoring Data Based on Data Mining
An Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding De-noising for Deformation Analysis
Parallel Algorithm of Harris Corner Detection Based on Multi-GPU