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2011 Vol. 36, No. 12

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Pattern Extraction and Temporal Evolution of Short-Term Traffic Volume
Design and Implementation of GIS Temporal Spatial Analysis System Based on Clifford Algebra
Self-detection Watermarking Algorithm and Its Application to Vector Geo-spatial Data
A Data Granularity and Structure Coherence Organization Method for Large-Scale 3D City Models
Influence of Spatial Weight Matrices on Spatial Autocorrelation:a Cased Study of HFRS in China
Direction Relation Between High Order Fuzzy Geographical Objects
Coastline Generalization Based on Skeleton Line of Curve Bends
A Parallel Implementation of Douglas-Peucker Algorithm for Real-Time Map Generalization of Polyline Features on Multi-core Processor Computers
An Algorithm for Digital Watermark Based on Pseudo-Random Sequence and DCT for Remote Sensing Image
Parallel Processing of Remote Sensing Image Based on Pipeline
Forest and Grassland Fire Detection Algorithm Based on Dynamic Threshold
An Automatic Target Detection Method for Infrared Ship in Complex Sea-Sky Background
Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Using Neural Oscillator Network of Visual Cortex
Estimation of Net Primary Productivity of Vegetation of Wuhan in 2009
Application of Generalized Point Photogrammetry to Framework Reconstruction of Building Facade
A New Method to Optimize and Select Common Master Images in PS InSAR
Ground Subsidence Detection of Yancheng City Using Time Series Interferograms Stacking
Establishment of Gravity Base over Larsemann Hills in Antarctica
Influcence of Antenna Phase Center Correction Model on Precise Point Positioning
Modeling and Result Analysis of Combined GPS/GLONASS Precise Point Positioning
A Synthetic Approach for Orbit Determination Considering GPS Broadcast Ephemeris Algorithm as Dnamic Model of LEO
Impacts of Geomagnetic Gradient on Solving Precision of Aircraft Magnetic Field
New Derivation of Nonsingular Expression for Gravitational Gradients Calculation
Comprehensive Detection and Repair Method for Long-Period Tidal Gauge Observation Errors
Application of ARMA Filtering to Earth's Gravity Field Recovery Based on Acceleration Approach
Detection and Repair of Cycle Slips Using Improved TurboEdit Algorithm and Chebyshev Polynomial Method
Improving Performance in a Churned DHT by Virtual Nodes