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        LI Deyi, ZHANG Haisu, WANG Shuliang, WU Juebo
        2011, 36(12): 1387-1391.
        Abstract PDF
        Pattern Extraction and Temporal Evolution of Short-Term Traffic Volume
        LI Qingquan, CAO Jing, YUE Yang, LI Zhiheng
        2011, 36(12): 1392-1396.
        Abstract PDF
        Design and Implementation of GIS Temporal Spatial Analysis System Based on Clifford Algebra
        YU Zhaoyuan, YUAN Linwang, LUO Wen, YI Lin
        2011, 36(12): 1397-1401.
        Abstract PDF
        Self-detection Watermarking Algorithm and Its Application to Vector Geo-spatial Data
        YANG Chengsong, ZHU Changqing, WANG Yingying
        2011, 36(12): 1402-1405.
        Abstract PDF
        A Data Granularity and Structure Coherence Organization Method for Large-Scale 3D City Models
        ZHOU Dongbo, ZHU Qing, DU Zhiqiang, ZHANG Yeting
        2011, 36(12): 1406-1409.
        Abstract PDF
        Influence of Spatial Weight Matrices on Spatial Autocorrelation:a Cased Study of HFRS in China
        FENG Xin, DU Shihong, SHU Hong
        2011, 36(12): 1410-1413.
        Abstract PDF
        Direction Relation Between High Order Fuzzy Geographical Objects
        GUO Jifa
        2011, 36(12): 1414-1417.
        Abstract PDF
        Coastline Generalization Based on Skeleton Line of Curve Bends
        CHEN Huirong, PENG Rencan, ZHENG Yidong, LI Shujun
        2011, 36(12): 1418-1422.
        Abstract PDF
        A Parallel Implementation of Douglas-Peucker Algorithm for Real-Time Map Generalization of Polyline Features on Multi-core Processor Computers
        MA Jinsong, SHEN Jie, XU Shoucheng
        2011, 36(12): 1423-1426.
        Abstract PDF
        An Algorithm for Digital Watermark Based on Pseudo-Random Sequence and DCT for Remote Sensing Image
        ZHU Changqing, REN Na
        2011, 36(12): 1427-1429.
        Abstract PDF
        Parallel Processing of Remote Sensing Image Based on Pipeline
        ZHAI Xiaofang, GONG Jianya, XIAO Zhifeng, ZHANG Binglong
        2011, 36(12): 1430-1433.
        Abstract PDF
        Forest and Grassland Fire Detection Algorithm Based on Dynamic Threshold
        LIU Liangming, WEI Ran, ZHOU Zheng
        2011, 36(12): 1434-1437.
        Abstract PDF
        An Automatic Target Detection Method for Infrared Ship in Complex Sea-Sky Background
        WANG Peng, LV Gaojie, GONG Junbin, TIAN Jinwen
        2011, 36(12): 1438-1441.
        Abstract PDF
        Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Using Neural Oscillator Network of Visual Cortex
        SHI Beiqi, LIU Chun, YAO Lianbi, CHEN Neng
        2011, 36(12): 1442-1446.
        Abstract PDF
        Estimation of Net Primary Productivity of Vegetation of Wuhan in 2009
        ZHANG Na, MAO Feiyue, GONG Wei
        2011, 36(12): 1447-1450.
        Abstract PDF
        Application of Generalized Point Photogrammetry to Framework Reconstruction of Building Facade
        LI Chang, LI Xi, LI Cailin, LI Qi
        2011, 36(12): 1451-1455.
        Abstract PDF
        A New Method to Optimize and Select Common Master Images in PS InSAR
        TAO Qiuxiang, LIU Guolin
        2011, 36(12): 1456-1460.
        Abstract PDF
        Ground Subsidence Detection of Yancheng City Using Time Series Interferograms Stacking
        HE Min, HE Xiufeng
        2011, 36(12): 1461-1465.
        Abstract PDF
        Establishment of Gravity Base over Larsemann Hills in Antarctica
        E Dongchen, ZHAO Luocheng, WANG Zemin, LUO Zhicai
        2011, 36(12): 1466-1469.
        Abstract PDF
        Influcence of Antenna Phase Center Correction Model on Precise Point Positioning
        ZHANG Xiaohong, LI Pan, LI Xingxing, GUO Fei
        2011, 36(12): 1470-1473.
        Abstract PDF
        Modeling and Result Analysis of Combined GPS/GLONASS Precise Point Positioning
        CAI Changsheng, ZHU Jianjun, DAI Wujiao, KUANG Cuilin
        2011, 36(12): 1474-1477.
        Abstract PDF
        A Synthetic Approach for Orbit Determination Considering GPS Broadcast Ephemeris Algorithm as Dnamic Model of LEO
        CUI Xianqiang, YANG Yuanxi, XU Guochang
        2011, 36(12): 1478-1481.
        Abstract PDF
        Impacts of Geomagnetic Gradient on Solving Precision of Aircraft Magnetic Field
        TAN Bin, LIN Chunsheng, ZHANG Ning, ZHANG Jian
        2011, 36(12): 1482-1485.
        Abstract PDF
        New Derivation of Nonsingular Expression for Gravitational Gradients Calculation
        WAN Xiaoyun
        2011, 36(12): 1486-1489.
        Abstract PDF
        Comprehensive Detection and Repair Method for Long-Period Tidal Gauge Observation Errors
        ZHAO Jianhu, KE Hao, ZHAGN Hongmei
        2011, 36(12): 1490-1494.
        Abstract PDF
        Application of ARMA Filtering to Earth's Gravity Field Recovery Based on Acceleration Approach
        ZHONG Bo, WANG Haihong, LUO Zhicai, NING Jinsheng
        2011, 36(12): 1495-1499.
        Abstract PDF
        Detection and Repair of Cycle Slips Using Improved TurboEdit Algorithm and Chebyshev Polynomial Method
        LIU Ning, XIONG Yongliang, XU Shaoguang
        2011, 36(12): 1500-1503.
        Abstract PDF
        Improving Performance in a Churned DHT by Virtual Nodes
        LI Wei, XU Zhengquan, YANG Zhu
        2011, 36(12): 1504-1511.
        Abstract PDF
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