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2010 Vol. 35, No. 11

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A Rapid Detection for RHT Multi-circle Objects Based on Edge Feature Points' Cluster Analysis
A Novel High Resolution Satellite Imagery Object Detection Based on Derivative of Double Exponential
Texture Segmentation Based on Gabor Filters and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Dynamic Shadow Detection Based on Micro Unmanned Helicopter Platform
A Rotation-invariant Texture Retrieval Algorithm Based on Parameterless Statistical Features
An Automatic Method of Simulating Low Resolution Panchromatic Image in IKONOS Image Fusion
An Image Segmentation Method Based on Cellular Automata and Fuzzy C-means
Using Dark Channel Prior to Quickly Remove Haze from a Single Image
SAR Imagery Registration Based on SIFT and Data Snooping
CS Algorithm for Forward-Looking Bistatic SAR
Gray-level Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on SVD
New Encryption Approach Based on ECC for Remote Sensing Images
Architecture of Remote Sense Image Sharing Based on SOA
A Smooth Contour Generation Method Based on LiDAR Data
Local Contour Line Fusion Based on Line/Line Topological Relations
Analysis of Undifferenced Kinematic POD for LEOs Using TriP
Analysis of the Cross-talk Systematic Error in GPS Observation of GRACE Satellite and Its Impact on POD Results
12 Steps Runge-kutta 2 Orders Algorithm for Satellite Orbit Integration
Influence Analysis of Satellite Clock Offset in Precise Point Positioning
Discussion on POD Accuracy Evaluations for Satellite-bone LEO Satellites
Ridge Estimation Method in Ill-posed Weighted Total Least Squares Adjustment
An Iterative Algorithm for Total Least Squares Estimation
Precise Tracking Loop of GPS Code
A Spatial Clustering Algorithm Based on Minimum Spanning Tree-like
A Direction Relation Description Model Based on IT2 FLS
Building-polygon Simplification Based on Shape Matching of Prototype Template
Constructing DEM from Simple Terrain Information Using HASM Method
Quantitative Appraisement on the Land Market of China Based on Prosperity Index Method During 1994-2006
Temporal Variation and Spatial Distribution of Atmospheric Aerosols over Hubei Province