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2009 Vol. 34, No. 12

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Methods for Landslide Deformation Analysis and Prediction
DGPS/INS Precise Positioning and Altitude Determination Using Dynamic Multiplex Kalman Filter
Influence of Tide Perturbation on Autonomous Orbit Determination of Navigation Satellites
Amplitude-Frequency Modulation Mechanism of Chandler Wobble of Triaxial Earth
An Improved United Ambiguity Decorrelation for GPS Ambiguity Solution
Filter Technique of Removing Correlated Errors Existing in GRACE Time Variable Gravity Data
Simulation of Impacts of Single LEO Satellite Orbit Parameters on GNSS Reflection Event's Distribution and Number
Cooperative Positioning Technology with Sea-Surface Wireless Sensor Networks
A Way for Overall Analysis on Dam's Displacement
Recovery of Ocean Depth Model of South China Sea from Altimetric Gravity Gradient Anomalies
Automatic Registration of LiDAR Data and Aerial Image Based on a 6-Tuples Relaxation
Approximate Epipolar Rearrangement Algorithm of Satellite Stereo-imagery by Projection Trajectory
SPOT Natural-Color Simulation with Spectrum Analysis
Reconstruction of MODIS-EVI Time-Series Data with S-G Filter
An Algorithm of Weighted “1 V m” SVM Multi-classification for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image with NPA
Automatic Traffic Sign Detection Based on a Vehicle-Borne Mobile Mapping System
Hierarchical Semantic Constraint Model for Focused Remote Sensing Information Services
A Upscaling Method of Digital Elevation Model with Point Spread Function
Influence of DEM Subset Partition on Terrain Information Content
Global Error Analysis of DEM Models
A High Precision OGC Web Map Service Discovery Based on Capabilities Matching and Ontology Reasoning
A Dynamic Route Guidance Algorithm with GA and GIS
Algorithm of Mining Spatial Association Data Under Spatially Heterogeneous Environment
A New Spatial Association Rules Mining Method Based on Immune Algorithms
An Improved and Approximate Interpolation by Skew Axial Parabola
Fast Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curve Based on Polarization Cornerity Index
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Coloring Map
Landuse Data Analysis with Exploratory Data Analysis Method