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2008 Vol. 33, No. 9

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Design and Implementation of Service-Oriented Spatial Information Sharing Framework for Digital City
Review and Consideration of Progress in Geographic Information Standardization at Home and Abroad
Analysis of Feasibility of Routing Based on Changing Water Levels
Application of Rough Set Idea to Points Object GIS Generalization
An Algorithm for Data Stream Transmission Control in Vehicle Navigation and Monitoring Incorporate System
On Visualization of Three-Dimensional Terrain Based on Contour Lines
Least-Squares Estimation of Nonnegative Constrained Adjustment Model
Long-Distance and On-the-Fly GPS Tidal Level Measurement Based on GPS PPK/PPP
Time-Varying Model for Dam Stress-Strain Monitoring Data Based on Multiple Factors
Passive Location of Underwater Target Based on Local Gravity Field Model
Tidal Correction in Coastal Surveying Using Multibeam Bathymetric Sounding System
Correction of Vertical Free-Air in Marine Magnetic Surveying
Nonlinear Surveying Model Parameters Estimation Based on Homotopy Arithmetic
Analysis of Teeth Repositioning Based on Stereo Images
A Cloud-Model-Based Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Concerned with Geometrical Features
Automatic DEM Generation from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Based on Multiple-Baseline Image Matching
IKONOS Shadow Extraction in Urban Region Based on Principal Component Fusion Information Distortion
An Image Enhancement Method of Nighttime Blurred Vehicle Plate Based on BHPF
Automatic Image Registration Using Six-Point Groups and Area Ratio
A Remote Sensing Image Classification Method Based on Generalized Gaussian Mixture Model
A Multispectral Textured Image Segmentation Method Based on MRMRF
Spatial Variation and Estimation of Optically Active Substances in Taihu Lake in Autumn of 2004
Application of Set Pair Analysis Classified Prediction Method to Predicting Dynamic Change of Regional Ecological Footprint
Automatic Reasoning on Main Streams of Tree River Networks
A New Land Price Evaluation Method Based on Cloud Model
Ecological Impact Evaluation for Land Consolidation Based on Cloud Model