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2007 Vol. 32, No. 4

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Change Detection Using Aerial Images with POS Data
Texture Classification Based on Tree Augmented Naive Bayes Classifier
A Method of Registration Between Laser Scanning Data and Digital Images
Resection of Imagery Along Optical Axis
Fog Dynamic Change Detection Based on AVHRR,MODIS and MVIRS Data
Semi-automatic Segmentation of Texture Image Based on Nonlinear Diffusion
Three Steps Method to Determine Double Difference Ambiguities Resolution of Network RTK Reference Station
An Adaptively Robust Filter Based on Bancroft Algorithm in GPS Navigation
Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Based on PANDA Software
Separating Systematical Errors in GPS Baselines Using Semi-parametric Model
Application of Multi-frequency Combination Observation in Cycle Slip Detection and Restoration
Parameter Adaptive Estimation of Bounded p-norm Distribution
Mathematical Methods Involved in Constrained Reshaping for Solving Graphic Conflicts Between Streets and Buildings
A GTP-based Entity Model for Underground Real 3D Integral Representation
A Mobile Agent Computing Model for DVGE
Multi-agent Based Network Virtual Reality Architecture
Map Data Denotation and Parallel Display Algorithm in Embedded Navigator
R-tree Structure Appended with Spatial Topology Restrictions in 3D GIS
Algorithm of Neighbor Finding on Sphere Triangular Meshes with Quaternary Code
k-Data Field Approximation Method Based on k-Voronoi Diagram Division
A Multi-tier Data Model for Urban Public Transportation
ETL of Spatial Data Warehouse
On Algorithm for 3D Surface Route Optimization Based on Ant Colony Optimization
SQL Reasoning of GIS Chinese Query Based on Case
Equivalent Sampling Method for Echo Signal of Impulse Ground Penetrating Radar