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2006 Vol. 31, No. 9

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Auto-dodging Processing and Its Application for Optical RS Images
A Visible Watermarking Algorithm Holding Image Content
An Efficient Image Retrieval Approach Based on Generalized Image Co-occurrence Matrix
Quality Evaluation of Halftone by Halftoning Algorithm-Based Adaptive Method
A Computing Method of Descreen for Halftone Image
Application of Digital Image Processing in Traffic Data Capturing
Lens Distortion Calibration Based on Curvature Variance
Adaptive Digital Screening Method Based on Image Content
Vehicle License Plate Location and Rectification Algorithms Based on RGB Chroma Space
Modified Multi-spectral Space for Color Representation Based on Hybrid Algorithm
Watermarking Algorithm on 2D Vector Digital Maps
On 3D Visualization of Landslide's Deforming
Application of Neural Network in Color Conversion
Adaptive Image Compression Based on Visual Masking Effect
Quantitative Analysis and Comparison in Digital Manuscript Gamut
Influence of Developing Sericite to Replace Traditional Materials on Color Inkjet Printability
Evaluating Acceptability Threshold and Weighting for Color Difference on Gloss Paper Reproduction
On Dot Gain and Deforming of Flexography Printing
Plane Imaging Model's Establishment and Verification of Ink Jet Printing
Printer and HVS Model Based Halftoning with Tone-Dependent Error Diffusion
Distribution of Paper Capillary and the Infiltration of Printing Ink
Design of Fragile Watermarking Algorithm Based on Random Blocks
Red-Blue Sweep Line Algorithm Based on Monotone Chains for Connected Line Segment Intersection Problems
A Load Balanced Method for VOD Cluster Based on Linear Transformation Genetic Algorithm
VLSI Implementation of Efficient Three-Step Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation