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2005 Vol. 30, No. 1

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Generalized Point Photogrammetry and Its Application
Land Cover Characteristics in NDVI-Ts Space Based on Remotely Sensed Data
Texture Characteristic Coding Based on Multispectral Image
Method for Unsupervised Remote Imagery Classification Based on Independent Component Analysis
Boundary Detection Based on Prediction
Remote Sensing Information Extraction Based on Vegetation Fraction in Drought and Half-Drought Area
An Optimal Digital Model on Representing the Surface of Hand Wrist
Crustal Deformation Corrections for the Combined Adjustment of Astro-geodetic Net with GPS 2000 Net in China
Evaluation of CHAMP Satellite Orbit with SLR Measurements
Fast Determination of the Vertical Deflection and Its Precision Analysis of Any Point on the Land and Sea in China
Application of Simulated Geoid to GPS-Leveling Interpolation
Motivity of Spatial Urban Expansion by Cellular Automata Model——Taking Analysis of Wuhan Spatial Urban Expansion as an Example
Metadata Classified Management Mechanism Based on Data Grid
A Criterion of Shape Similarity Between Line Segments for Clustering Analysis of Geographical Area Entities
Relationship of Uncertainty Between Polygon Segment and Line Segment for Spatial Data in GIS
Planned Evolution and Variation on Two-Dimensional Map in GIS
Application of PPGIS to Siting Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility in Canada
Component GIS Software Development Based on Design Pattern
Regional Division Algorithm Based on Conceptual Clustering and Attribute-Oriented Induction
Sunlight Analysis Model Based on 3DCM