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2002 Vol. 27, No. 5

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On the Establishment of Chinese Modern Geodetic Coordinate System
Quality Assessment for Attribute Data in GIS Based on Simple Random Sampling
Weighted Grey Prediction Model and Implement of Its Computation
Coorelation Analysis of Coordinate Conversion for Digitized Data
Error Entropy Band for Linear Segments in GIS
An Object-oriented Three-dimensional Topological Data Model Based on Component for Geology Modeling
Development of Method in Precise Multibeam Acoustic Bathymetry
Establishment of Uniform Mathematics Model for Positioning the Center-line of Rail Transit
Parameter σ Estimation of p-norm Distribution
Aggregation and Amalgamation in Land-use Data Generalization
Optimization of Land Use Structure Based on Ecological Green Equivalent
Intelligent Method of Optimum Placement for Pattern Cell of Linear Symbols
Thematic Data Generalization in GIS
Mathematical Definition on the Visual Variables of the Cartographic Symbols
An Object-oriented Fuzzy Enhancement for Remote Sensing Images
Cadastral Spatial Entity and Its Spatio-temporal Topology Relationship
A Recursive Algorithm for Triangulation of Arbitrary Polygons Based on BSP Tree
Key Technique about Visualization of Urban 3D Pipe Network and Implementation of System Functions
Application of Feature Modeling to VR-Web GIS
Frame of Pattern Recognition Model Based on Cognitive Psychology