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1999 Vol. 24, No. 4

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A Landscape Map Generation Method Based on Image Matching
The Technique of Guasi-lossless Compression of Remote Sensing Image
Analysis of Spectral Characteristics Among Different Sensors by Use of Simulated RS Images
Drought Analysis Based on Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data
Hyperspectral Band Set Global Reduction Based on Rough Sets and Genetic Algorithm
Research on Speckle Filtering of Single-look SAR Image
A Study on Consistency in Multi-user GIS
Component Communication for Browser/Server-based Internet GIS
Design and Realization of Spatial Metadata System
The Approach of Land Administration Information System with Middleware Technology
Research of GPS Abnormal Height Interpolation System
A Preliminary Study of the Establishment of Ocean Tide Models in South China Sea from T/P Altimetry
Height Determination with GPS Leveling Data Considering Non-grid Data and Effect of Terrain
Specification of Q for Chandler Wobble Directly from Polar Motion Data
The Proof of Cartographic Symbol System Belonging to Boolean Algebraic one and Its Application
Wuhan Power Supply Bureau Failure Management System Linked with 110 Emergency Alerting Station
Research of Process Real-time Communication Based on Heterogeneous Networks
On-line Industrial Monitoring and Controlling System of Integrated Single Chip Computer with Linear CCD Image Sensor