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1993 Vol. 18, No. 4

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A Study on the Cartographic Fuzzy Matrix Model and Mathematical Expressions of Cartographic Terms
A New Retrieval Method for Practical Map Data and Its Applied Software
The Design and Realization of Map Digitization System on Micro-computer Based Map Graphic Workstation
Application of Separability Criterion in Design of Deformation Monitoring Networks
An Effective Method of Eliminating the Approximation Errors in Stokes Integration Convolution Formula
On the Localizability of Blunders in Correlated Coordinates of Junction Points in Densification Networks
Two Dimensional Geometric Calibration of CCD Cameras
The Developing of Matrix Band in Ni002 Invariable Levelling Staff
Establishment and Application of Synthesis Evaluation Model and Software System in Urban Investment Environment
An Example of Finding Derivatives of Fractional Order on Continuous Functions Having No Derivatives Everywhere
Application of Object-oriented Semantic Data Model to the Spatial Database
The General Design and Debugging of LY-921 Computer Experimental Equipment
Object Speckle Method of Measuring Angular Displacement of Markless Objects with Spherical Surface