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2020 Vol. 45, No. 9

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Classification and Coding of Entity Features for Digital Twin Sichuan-Tibet Railway
Role of Geometric Algebra in High Dimensional Space Representation of Geographic Information
Characteristics of the Game Map
Knowledge Graph Construction Method on Natural Disaster Emergency
A Review on Geographically Weighted Regression
Battlefield Geographic Environment Spatiotemporal Process Model Based on Simulation Event
A Visual Representation Method of Landslide Disasters for Public Education
Layout Optimization of the Directional Emergency Evacuation Signs Based on Virtual Reality Eye-Tracking Experiment
Service-Oriented Decentralized Computing Method for Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Model
Hilbert Code Index Method for Spatiotemporal Data of Virtual Battlefield Environment
Deformation Modeling and Texture Generation of Crater Caused by Projectile Touchdown Explosion
Optimization Method of Disaster Scene Loading Under Mobile Augmented Reality Visualization
Research Progress on Simplification of Building Models in 3D Scenes
A Method for Road Network Selection Considering the Traffic Flow Semantic Information
Landmark Extraction via Composite Features of Voronoi Diagram
A Solution for Ground Subsidence Prediction of Time Series Based on Autoregression EIV Model with Inequality Constraints
Sounding Velocity Intergrated Error Correction Method of Multi-beam Data Based on Kalman Filtering
ElasticFusion for Indoor 3D Reconstruction with an Improved Matching Points Selection Strategy
Frozen-Barycentre Algorithm for Solving Distance Equations
Coastline Change Monitoring of Jiaozhou Bay from Multi-source SAR and Optical Remote Sensing Images Since 2000