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2019 Vol. 44, No. 4

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Analysis of Inter-system Bias in Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning
Static Measurement Experiment and Performance Analysis of GT-2A Airborne Gravimeter
An Improved GPS Fast Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm with Epoch-Differenced Coordinate Information
GPS/BDS Precise Point Positioning Model with Receiver DCB Parameters for Raw Observations
Inversion of Three-Dimensional Density Structure Using Airborne Gradiometry Data in Kauring Test Site
Development of Mercury Precise Orbit Determination Software and Application
Detecting Outlier of Multibeam Sounding with BP Neural Network
A Method for Inversing Velocity Profiles and Correcting Seafloor Topography Distortion in Multibeam Systems
Automatic Horizon Picking on Sub-bottom Profiles Combining Gray Scale Mutation and Direction Constraint
Reduction of Noise Interference in Multibeam Water Column Image
Fused Image Quality Assessment Based on Human Visual Characteristics
Change Detection Method Based on Pixel Unmixing and EM Algorithm for Low and Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
An Automatically Locating Method for Insulator Object Based on CNNs
An Accuracy Assessment Method for DEM Upscaling Based on Energy Factor
Detection Containers Based on Superpixel-Level Contextual Feature
A Positioning Method in Footprint of Space-Borne Laser Altimeter
Optimization of Lateral Swing Angles of Lunar Satellite for Region Multiple Strip Imaging Task Planning
A New InSAS Registration Method Based on Rational Function Surface Fitting
Fine-Grained Parallel Optimization of Large-Scale Data for PMVS Algorithm
Construction of Property Solids with Exterior Topology and Its Representation Using 3-Combinatorial Maps
Similarity Measurement-Based Outline Design of Metaphor Map