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2017 Vol. 42, No. 3

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Improving TurboEdit Real-time Cycle Slip Detection by the Construction of Threshold Model
Fast Numerical Algorithm for the Calculation of Altimetric Crossovers from Satellite Ground Tracks
Determination of Precise Absolute Velocity and Acceleration Airborne Gravimetry
Research of Clock Jump Effect on Velocity Estimation with a Single GPS Receiver
Autonomous Orbit Determination of HY2A and ZY3 Missions Using Space-borne GPS Measurements
Research on Robust Kalman Filter of Observations with Unequal Precision in Precise Point Positioning
A-GNSS Indoor Positioning Based on Coarse-time Navigation and RAIM Algorithm
Regional PWV Estimation Using GPS and NCEP CFSv2
The Application of Split Band Interferometry in Large-scale Bridge Monitoring
Traffic Lane Number Extraction Based on the Constrained Gaussian Mixture Model
A New Combination Filtering Method to Remove Mixed Noise of Remote Sensing Images
Using Kernel Method to Linearly Un-mixing Hyperspectral Pixel
Combining Fourier Spectrum Texture and Spectral Information for Land Cover Classification with High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Suspended Sediment Transport Modeling of Poyang Lake in the Wet Season Based on Remote Sensing Data
An Improved CR-InSAR Technology Used for Deformation Monitoring in Jiaju Landslide, Sichuan
Spatio-Temporal Data Organization Method of Moving Objects in 3D Virtual Globes
Quantitative Research for Site-selection of Antarctic Year-round Research Stations Based on Logistic Regression
A Method of Distance Measurement for Corresponding Linear Feature
A Seamless Terrain Rendering Algorithm Based on GPU Tessellation
Research on the Method of Detecting Topological Conflicts in the Process of Settlement Incremental Updating
Cognitive Rules of People Choosing Routes in Large Stores
A Robust Watermarking Algorithm Using SURF Feature Regions