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2013 Vol. 38, No. 9

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Kinematic Precise Orbit Determination Based on Ambiguity-Fixed PPP
Research on Single Epoch Orientation Algorithm of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
A New Continuous Time and Frequency Transfer Algorithm Based on GPS Single Different Carrier Phase Observations
Comparison of Observation Models and Ionospheric Elimination Approaches for Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning
Orbit Determination and Analysis for Chang’ E-2 Extended Mission
A Segmented Mosaic Method for Side Scan Sonar Strip Images Using Corresponding Features
Pole Transform of Spherical Harmonic Function to Quickly Calculate Gravity the Disturbance on Earth-Orbiting Satellites
Accuracy Evaluation of Point Cloud Angular Resolution
Numerical Simulation of Doppler Spectrum of Sea Echo for Microwave Radar
The Remote Sensing Image Spectrum Simulation with Mixed Pixel
Linear-Feature-Constrained Registration of LiDAR Point Cloud via Quaternion
Automatic Urban Area Extraction Using a Gabor Filter and High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
A LSMA-based Comparison of the Performances in Retrieving Impervious Surface Between Landsat ETM+ and EO-1 ALI
Automatic Recognition of Bridge Above Water in Aerial Images Based on Regional Feature
Pan-concept-level Generation Method and Its Application in Remote Sensing Image Classification
The Reverse Positioning Refining Algorithm for Auto-matching of the Remote Sensing Images
A MWVD-based Algorithm for Point Cluster Generalization
A Template Based Dynamic Modeling Method of 3D Road
Temporal Semantic Characteristics of Spatial Entities’ Attributes and an Algebraic Framework
Intelligent Spatial Information Delivery Decision-Making by Using Interval Analysis
The Research of Temporal-Spatial Simulation and Dynamic Regulation System of Water Quality on Sudden Water Pollution Accidents
Geometry Matching Method for Transportation Road Network Data Based on Projection
Multi-scale Correlation Analysis on Land-Use Change and Economic Factors in a Typical Region of Wavelet Transforming
Counterfactual Scenario Simulation and Evaluation of the Land-Use and Land-Cover Change of Jiayu County
Pedestrians Gathering Detection Based on Normalized Foreground and Two-dimension Joint Entropy
Content Grid Load Balancing Algorithm for Large-Scale Vector Data in the Server Cluster Concurrent Environment