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2012 Vol. 37, No. 5

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Discussion on Key Technologies of Geographic National Conditions Monitoring
Optimal School Allocation Using GIS and Linear Programming
Spatial-temporal Pattern Analysis and Spatial Disparity Research on Provincial Total Fertility Rate in China
WFS Feature Semantic Retrieval Based on Ontology
Geographical Information Catalog Service Supporting Active Registry and Real-Time Quality Monitoring
High Quality Texture Reconstruction for Small Objects Based on Structure Light Scanning System with Digital Camera
Estimating Fractional Snow Cover Based on Nonlinear NDSI Model
One New Area-based Stereo Matching Method Based on Fourier-Mellin-Affine Two-stage Transformation
Determination of New Class Properties of the Changed Image Segments Using MRF Graph Model
Application of Two-factors Model in Multi-Pose Face Recognition
Manifold Coordinate Repairing of Lost Points with PLS for Isomap Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image
Simplification Technology for Real-time Rendering of Large-scale 3D Terrain
Optimization of Rural Residential Land Based on Weighted-Voronoi Diagram
An Optimal Walking Path Algorithm Considering Terrain Influence
Representation Method of Scree Areas in 3D Topographic Map
GPS Precipitable Water Vapor of Different Climate Types
General Reliability of Measurement
Multiple Outlier Detection in Observations Including Leverage Points with Outliers by Bayes Method
System Error Compensation Algorithm in the Presence of Random Walk
An Improved Method for Calculating Average Sound Speed in Constant Gradient Sound Ray Tracing Technology
Height Fitting by Radial Neural Network for the Construction Quality Control of Face Rockfill Dam
Spherical Center Error of Sphere Target in TLS
Analysis of Deformation Process of the L'Aquila Earthquake Detected by PSInSAR
Fast Algorithm for the Discrete Summation of Stokes’ and Hotine’s Integral
Bathymetry Inversion with Gravity-Geologic Method in Emperor Seamount
Demonstration on the Indexes Design of Space-borne KBR and GPS Receiver in the Low-Low Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Mode
Propagation Delay Induced by Antenna Snow Cover Using PPP Technology
GNSS Interoperable Signal Modulation for Multiple Receiving Modes
Image-dependent Gamut Mapping Algorithm