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2011 Vol. 36, No. 10

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Research of Mobile Cellular Network Field Prediction Based on GIS
Three-Dimension Visualization Query Method Based on R-Tree
Research on GIS Point Symbol Sharing
Spatial Similarity Assessment of Point Clusters
An Iterative Approach to Object-oriented Classification of Remotely Sensed Image
Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Data Based on Progressive TIN
Pose Parameters Estimate Based on Adaboost Algorithm and Facial Feature Triangle
Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Imagery Based on Multiplicative Model
International Wireless Operation and GNSS Spectrum Compatibility Analysis in Band 960MHz to 1610MHz
SpT on Board Atomic Clocks and Timing Systems in GNSS
Analysis of On-board Atomic Clock Stability Influences
The Research of Dual Frequency Solution Method for Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning(PPP) Based on SEID Model
Multipath Performance Analysis for Navigation Signals in Different Pro-correlation Bandwidth and Correlator Spacing
Time-differenced Carrier Phase/SINS Tight Integration Algorithm in the High-precision Navigation for High Earth Orbit Spacecraft
Regional Ionosphere Delays' Calibration and Accuracy Assessment Based on Uncombined Precise Point Positioning
Design and Experiments of GNSS-R Receiver System for Remote Sensing
Marine Geomagnetic Navigation Technology Based on Integration of TERCOM and ICCP
Research on Electromagnetic Environment of Satellite Navigation in S-band
Hardware Delay Solution of Regional Satellite Navigation System
Anti-interference Antenna Based Near-Far Effect Mitigation Method
An Implementation of Zero Difference VRS Observation for Network-RTK
The Multipath Mitigation Performance of Double-delta Technique in Band-limited Receiver Channels
Study of Pulsed Optically Pumped Rb Frequency Standard
Integer Least Squares Estimation Based on Branch and Bound Algorithm
Application of Sequential Least Square in HASM Technique
Design of PSOPF Algorithm Based on the Criteria of MKLD and Its Application
A Correlation Analysis Method of Latent Semantic for Semantic-based Video Retrieval