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2009 Vol. 34, No. 7

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Numerical Simulation and Analysis for GOCE Satellite Orbit Perturbations
Modeling and Simulation of Two-Way Links Between Satellites and Ground
Analysis of Errors for Earth Gravity Field Recovered by SST-LL
Interference Analysis to Aerial Flight Caused by UHV Lines Using Airborne GPS
Ionosphere Delay Processing Methods and Positioning Precision of Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning
Long-Range Real-Time Precise Navigation with Three Frequency GNSS
Selecting Weight Fitting Method for Baseline Solution with Systematical Errors Continuation
Spacecraft Position Determination with X-ray Pulsar Navigation of Geometric Methods
Influence of Geometric and Graph Theoretical Measures on Land Classification Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Danger Theory and Image Target Detection
A SAR Image Segmentation Method with Automatic EM and Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion
Positioning of Xi'an Active Ground Fissures with SAR Interferometry
Speckle Suppression Method for SAR Image with Curvelet Domain BivaShrink Model
A Locally Adaptive Filter for Noise Filtering of InSAR Interferogram
An Image Filtering Algorithm with Image Enhancement
Classification for Remote Sensing Data with Decision Level Fusion
Object-Based Fusion and Classification of Airborne Laser Scanning Data and Aerial Images
A Feature Selection Algorithm for Hyperspectual Data with SVM-RFE
Cloud Index Method for Cloud Detection
Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Characteristic over Coast with MODIS Image
An Algorithm for Separating Radiation Fog from Cloud with Region Feature
Remote Sensing Retrieval of CDOM Concentration in Lake Taihu with Hyper-spectral Data and Neural Network Model
CQR-Tree:Concurrent Strategy for Spatial Index Structure in Spatial Database
Some Investigations on Hierarchical Representation of Geo-Spatial Data in GIS
An Efficient Distributed Shortest Path Algorithm with Hierarchically Structured Topographical Model
Key Techniques in Multi-scale Display of Vector Data
Spatial Autocorrelation Patterns of Datum Land Prices of Cities in a Region
Urban Land Use Optimization in Lanzhou,China