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2009 Vol. 34, No. 11

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Some Thoughts on the Establishment of Nationwide Continuously Operating Reference Stations
Inspiration of Establishing COMPASS Terrestrial Reference Frame from GTRF Realization
A Wide Area Real-Time Differential GPS Prototype System and the Initial Results
Single Navigation Satellite Orbit Determination and Evaluation by SLR
Analysis and Control Method for Constellation Rotation in Navigation Satellite Autonomous Orbit Determination
Design of SVLBI Satellite Orbit for Geodesy
Determining Orbit of COMPASS-M1 Using International Laser Ranginge Data
Implementation and Precision Analysis of GPS Precise Clock Estimation System
Two Steps Time Synchronizing Method for AutoNav with Crosslink Ranging Measurement
Impact on GPS Data Processing of Changing fom Relative Phase Center Corrections to Absolute Phase Center Corrections
Pre-process Strategy in Complex Movement Using Single-frequency GPS Data
Real Time Estimation of DCB Using Kalman Filters
The 5-Parameter-Model for GPS Receiver Fast Positioning
A Fast Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm with Track Constraints on Moving Platform
An Improved TERCOM Algorithm for Underwater Geomagnetic Matching Navigation
The Implementation of a New Integrated Navigation Solution with Polarized-light Assisting with Geomagnetism and GPS
Real-time Monitoring System of Precipitable Water Vapor Derived from Ground-based GPS and Its Applications in Meteorology
Research on the Collocation Criteria in the Statistical Comparisons of GPS Radio Occultation and Radiosonde Observations
Crustal Movements Before and After the Wenchuan Earthquake as Detected by GPS Observations
Precise Point Positioning with High-rate GPS Data Applied to Seismic Displacements Analysis
Strategy and Experimental Results of Augmentation Reference Station Network RTK Positioning
A Network RTK Algorithm and Its Test
Monitoring Damage of State Grid Transmission Tower in Bad Weather by High-Resolution SAR Satellites
Precise Analysis of GNSS Data and Product Serving Based on Web
Analysis and Assessments of IGS Products Consistencies
A Novel Algorithm for Ultra High-Sensitivity GPS Tracking
Signals of Opportunity Assisted Ubiquitous Positioning and Its Key Elements for Outdoor/Indoor Environment
Test and Evaluation of Accuracies of MBOC Signals Using a Digital IF Signal Simulator and a Software Receiver
An Improved Voronoi Diagram Model Based on Fuzzy Theory